Our Story


Lubdub is a family-run small business with a team of 10 incredible people.

Our founder Luz, a Registered Nurse working in a Pediatric hospital setting, has been designing apparel for herself and her coworkers for 5 years. Rooted in a passion for celebrating the health care community, along with an incredibly supportive husband – a small business owner himself, Lubdub Apparel was created.

Understanding the nature of health care and as a team, both celebrating families reunite at discharge, while also mourning the loss of a patient together, she felt it was important to continuously celebrate the community and to provide garments that can be worn with a sense of pride.

In the past year, Lubdub has been fortunate enough to have worked with over 800 teams across Canada and is looking forward to collaborating with many more.

As a company, we want to thank you for following along on our social media pages, your orders, shares, and (more importantly) the connections that have been made with so many of you. There is so much more in store for Lubdub and we can’t wait to share it with you!

- The Lubdub Team

Photography by a local and talented Registered Nurse, Kirkwood Kin Photography