Team Apparel FAQs

Here is the information you need to get started. Spoiler: It is really easy.


Contact us using the form below if you have any other questions!

Let us do it all for you! Here are the steps:

  1. We can create a poll for your team to select their favourite apparel and designs.
    Here’s a sample poll (do not submit this poll).
  2. Discussing designs for our graphic designers to create.
  3. Finalizing your apparel color choices.
  4. We set up a personal online store for direct ordering, handling all transactions and customer service.
    Here’s a sample store!
  5. We ship your team's apparel out as a group or individually!

For your team, we offer 20% off our retail pricing for all styles; we also offer an automatic 15% off of one retail item for every unit piece ordered so that your team is able to order Lubdub favorites with their order at a discounted price. 

For you as the organizer, if your group orders 50 pieces or more, YOU will receive a Thank You bundle worth $150!


With our process, we create a personal online store for your team to directly purchase their custom items from. We handle all transactions and customer service!

A minimum of 30 pieces in any variety of apparel styles and colours are required for Custom Unit Apparel orders.

If you have a small team that could reach 15 pieces, we now offer Mini Unit Orders! Click here for more information.

We do it all for you! You have the option to either:

A) Choose from an existing design from the catalogue we send you and customize it with your text of choice. We have MANY designs already created for a wide variety of units that we can send to you!

B) Have us create a new graphic for your unit. Provide us with your vision for your unit and our in house graphic designers will create a unique design for you!

We pride ourselves on having access to the widest variety of colors available in popular styles. Here is our current style palette.

Don't see a style you would like? Ask us and we can source it for you.

Size inclusivity allows us to stand out amongst other companies.

Many products have sizing available between XS- 5XL. We designate a staff member to personally help your coworkers in need of purchasing extended sizes

Here is our pricing sheet

It's Free!

We ship all orders together to you or the unit. All pieces come individually packaged and organized in alphabetical order by first name for easy distribution.

Need them shipped to each individual? No problem. We can do that too for a flat fee of $9.99 per order.

Due to the customized nature of unit orders, we are unable to offer exchanges or returns.

We do, however, value your team's satisfaction so we welcome your team members reach out if any of them had any issues with their order.

Yes! We can create a coupon code for you to distribute to members to subsidize some or all of their order.

Members would use the code to receive a dollar or percentage amount off their order in the amount you prefer.

The coupon code can be tailored to suit your needs.

After orders are placed, we send you the invoice for the total amount of coupon code usage.

Let's Start!

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We have worked with over 1500 teams across Canada and the US. We got you.

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