Unit Team Order Information

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What is the order minimum for custom unit apparel? 
A minimum of 30 pieces in a wide variety of apparel styles and colors are required for Custom Unit Apparel orders.

Do you have pre-made designs for my particular unit?
We have 2 design options available for our Custom Unit orders:  

You can either:
A) Choose from one of our existing designs to customize with the title of your choice. We have MANY designs already created for a wide range of units.
B) Have us create a new graphic for your unit. Provide us with your vision for your unit and we will create a unique design for you!

What type of apparel is available? 
We can offer a variety of apparel styles including short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, and hoodies. Each style is available in various colours. The colour palette will depend on supplier availability. 

We can offer a total of 13 variations of any combination of colour and style, with a maximum of 7 of them being t-shirts. For example one combination could be: Tshirts: 5, Long sleeves: 3, Crewneck Sweatshirts: 3, Hoodies: 2 = 13 variations)

The various colours and styles currently available will also be shown within the online order form

What sizes do you have available? 
Most products have XS- 5XL sizes available. See our Size Guides page for the current size charts and washing instructions. 

What is the pricing for each style?
Pricing for each apparel style includes your customized design.
T-Shirts: $30
Long sleeves: $40
Crewneck sweatshirts: $50
Hoodies: $69

If you would also like a design on the back of the garments,  there is an additional cost of $4-7 per garment depending on size and number of colours involved in the design

SPECIAL: All team orders get 20% OFF our pricing
Student Discounts are also available

What is the order process like?
Once you fill out your order form, we will contact you to finalize your design selection(s) and determine the launch date of your Private Unit Order Store. You will be sent a link to your unit's online store to share with your team. Your team can then select, order and purchase their item(s) themselves. Our unique ordering service is SIMPLE and a BIG time savings for the organizers!

How long will our order take?
Please allow approximately 5 weeks for us to create your personal apparel. This timeline does not include shipment time.

What is the cost to ship our team's order?
We offer free shipping for all unit gear within Canada, via Canada Post. Pick-up at our Calgary location is also available.

What is your exchange/return policy?
Due to the customized nature of unit orders, we are unable to offer exchanges or returns. We do however, value your satisfaction so please reach out if there are any concerns with your order. CLICK HERE for more information.

How do I get started? 
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More questions?
If you have further questions, feel free to CONTACT US.