Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes


      The Ultimate Gift 
      For the Health Care Professional in your life.

      How it works:

      Tell us what their designation and specialty is along with any other details you may want to share and we will curate the perfect Gift Box for you!

      Each gift will reflect either their designation and/or specialty but we cannot guarantee both!

      We will curate a box featuring only our best-selling designs paired with fan-favourite apparel colours. 

      Your gift will be ribbon tied and ready for the Christmas tree. You can also add a Holiday Greeting Card with the message of your choice (can be added at an additional cost).

      It's that easy.

      Choose between :
      Staple Gift Box : $50 (value of over $75)
      Deluxe Gift Box: $75 (value of over $90)
      Premium Gift Box: $100 (value of over $125)


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