Meet Our Team

Chloe B.

Marketing and Customer Experience Lead

Luz Maria A.

Founder, Creative Lead

Mafi G.

Unit Production Assistant

Maria A.

Administrative Assistant

Maria M.

Graphic Designer

Naomi VDM.

Operations Lead


Missing Team Members

Soon, you'll learn more about these equally awesome team members:

Gabbie G., Production Assistant

Matthew M., Office Clerk

Jenna S., Unit Customer Service

Melody L., Graphic Designer

Onyeka O.N., Customer Service

Our Values

Learn more about the important values that drive our small-business


Our health-care community is in need of SO much more. We promise to advocate for you and support this important community. We focus so much on "taking care of" and we deserve to be taken care of too. Visit our Community page for more information.

Customer Experience

You deserve to receive quality products that can carry you through a HARD day at work and a customer service experience that recognizes this. If we fail you, we want to make it up to you STAT.

Team work

Each of our team members has their strengths and we celebrate them together. We support each other with our professional and personal goals and as a team, we create awesomeness.

Our Warehouse

5, 2023 2 Ave SE
Calgary, Canada

Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday, Closed
Sunday and Holidays, Closed