Supporting our community is one of our core values

Lubdub has Supported

Together Apart Campaign: $6300 donated to United Way

$16,400 donated to the ACHF towards the Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health

$7000 donation to the Calgary Health Foundation for the Newborn Campaign

$6,600 donation match for a total of $13,200 donated

$3,000 donated to the Animal Rescue Foundation

$2602 donated to the UCalgary Nursing Faculty

$443.20 donated to the MRU Student Nursing Society

1000 enamel pin sponsorship for staff of 10 ICUs across Canada

$500 donated to the Veterans Association Food Bank

700 Ice Cream Cones gifted to Calgary HCWs in collaboration with Village Ice Cream

$1000 donated to University of Calgary Alumni Bursary

100 Crew Sweaters gifted to ICU Staff across Canada

150 Crew Sweaters gifted to Covid Swabbers across Canada

$1000 donated to the Andrew Nguyen Memorial Bursary

$5000 donated to fund 50 Stress Kits to be donated to Health Care Workers in Canada

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