Supporting our community is one of our core values

Current Initiative

Lubdub has also Supported

Together Apart Campaign: $6300 donated to United Way

$16,400 donated to the ACHF towards the Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health

$7000 donation to the Calgary Health Foundation for the Newborn Campaign

Current Initiative: $6,600 donated with pledge to match up to $10,000

$3,000 donated to the Animal Rescue Foundation

$2602 donated to the UCalgary Nursing Faculty

$443.20 donated to the MRU Student Nursing Society

1000 enamel pin sponsorship for staff of 10 ICUs across Canada

100 Crew Sweaters gifted to ICU Staff across Canada

150 Crew Sweaters gifted to Covid Swabbers across Canada

$1000 donated to University of Calgary Alumni Bursary

Coming Soon: MRU Nursing Bursary donation