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Your team's online store

Team members order directly from a custom online store we create for you.

Say goodbye to order forms.

let us do all the work

Here are the easy steps to representing your unit with pride

Step 1
submit a request

Select your apparel styles and colors in our 2 minute form. Give us some details of your team's medical specialty so that we can get to know you

Step 2
Choose your apparel and designs

Your Lubdub liaison will learn what your team's vision is and our Graphic Designer will create fully custom designs for you to approve

Step 3
Grand opening

We create your team's personal online store where each member orders directly from.

We handle all transactions and customer service.

Step 4
happy mail day

All orders are shipped to your unit or to each individual, depending on preference.

Everything is individually packaged and organized alphabetically.

If your team orders 50 pieces, there also be a Thank You gift for you as the organizer inside*!

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Here are more details on organizing your team order. 

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